About Us

The Pan-Ikarian Brotherhood of Australia exists as a social, cultural, historical and philanthropic support network.

We are a local Australian association of members of Ikarian ancestry inclusive of spousal partners, extended families and

friends and supporters of the Ikarian people. The association was incorporated in 1958 and since then members have actively

liaised, supported and worked with many charities, schools, local, state and federal government bodies, Hellenic and Cypriot organisations

collectively contributing to the building of strong communities, essential for the well being of our great nation.

The association is managed by an Administrative Council comprised of the following officers:

  • Chairperson/President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Vice President
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Three Councillors

The association is located at Ikaros House 22-24 Arthur Street, Unley, South Australia 5061.

Extract from Commerative Book 1958 to 2008 page 50 - A Brief History of the Brotherhood (in English)


TAKE-OFF! ‘ALL OF US’ TOGETHER! “Today, Sunday the 23rd of March in the year 1958, the Founding General Meeting has taken place. Present were 35 Ikarian compatriots.

The Meeting’s Agenda

  1. Founding of the Brotherhood
  2. Ratification of the Constitution
  3. Election of the Committee of Returning Officers


L. Kountoupis proposed the founding of the Pan-Ikarian Brotherhood. M. Parianos seconded. Passed unanimously. G. Tsounis proposed that the Brotherhood’s seal bear the image of the island of Ikaria along with Ikaros.”

(Extracts from the Minutes of the Founding Meeting)

The first Administrative Council consists of nine active Ikarians:

  • Yiannis Z. Karapetis – President
  • Vasilios Karapetis – Vice-President
  • Paraschos Kalamboyias – Secretary
  • Kosmas Lesses – Treasurer
  • Stamatis Kalamaras
  • Pantelis Gronthos
  • Giorgos Tsounis
  • Stamatis Vasilakis
  • Ilias Tsantes

So the journey begins with work but with entertainment too! You see, Ikaria is the birthplace of the god Dionysios! Immediately following its establishment (meeting of 29.6.1958), the Brotherhood decides to organise a dance evening to celebrate the Island’s Independence Day and the founding of the Brotherhood. The Ikarians reach deep into their pockets and the donations cover the expenses of this first dance. From that time on, the celebration of Ikaria’s Independence Day has been held annually in faraway South Australia.

On 7.9.58 K. Lesses proposes the organisation of an annual excursion towards the end of January. So the annual picnic is instituted. Like Ikarians everywhere, this small nucleus of Ikarians has a strong community spirit. The need they feel to get together is in their genetic make-up. It doesn’t remain there though, the ‘bug’ is passed on to all those who socialise with them!

But every so often the heart and mind fly off to Ikaria. As early as 3.8.1958, M. Tsounis proposes that 100 Australian pounds be sent from the Brotherhood’s funds for the island’s hospital. A collection for this purpose is conducted and 125 pounds, 10 shillings and thruppence is remitted. The concern for life and events in Ikaria is particularly strong. Apart from the funds sent for the building of the hospital, the Brotherhood pays an annual subscription to the island newspaper Ikarian News. At the same time, the Brotherhood also provides for local Ikarians living in Australia who for health reasons are in need of financial assistance.

Almost immediately following the establishment of the Brotherhood steps are taken to find a home for it. The Ikarians decide to rent and they choose the Community hall which begins a close co-operation with the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia (GOCSA). On 28.8.1960 the Brotherhood sides with the Community in its dispute with Archbishop Ezekiel. So ends the first year of the founding of the Brotherhood. An auspicious start! Already the visionary Ikarians have dreamed, dared, worked and achieved a great deal!